Extracurricular activities at the GSN

The German School Nairobi offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, which are an important component of our integral learning beyond the teaching plan. This comprehensive range gives students the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge, discover their passions, build self-confidence, grow socially and emotionally and simply have fun.
With a focus on sport, music and art, our varied programme is well structured and is offered in nursery, primary school and at the secondary school level. The students have the opportunity every semester to choose the activities and register for them.
The activities offered at the school include, among others: football (for boys and girls), basketball (for boys and girls).
The activities are run both by our school employees and external partners.

Clubs may be changed biannually.

Registering for clubs and for lunch and school bus transport is done for the whole school (nursery, primary school and secondary school section) at the start of the new school semester through a packaged online registration. The link for this is sent to the parents by email within the first week of school at the start of each semester.

Please contact our club coordinator

  • for all queries and switching requests relating to our club operation
  • to register for clubs during the school semester not using online registration
  • Club coordinator for the Kindergarten:
    NamePhoneEmailOffice hours
    Franciane Allnoch
    Rachel Ndiritu
    0720 160
    By arrangement
    Club coordinator for primary & secondary school, adults:
    NamePhoneEmailOffice hours
    Benard Ouma0701 301 - Thu, 12:15pm - 5pm
    Adult clubs:
    BadmintonWed, 6pm - 8pm
    Sat, 10am - 12pm
    VolleyballMon, 6pm -
    FootballSun, 10am - 12pmCarsten Wappler: 0739-588 778

    Fees for the use of our sports facilities

    Our sports facilities can be used both by members and non-members of the German School association, such as guests, friends, or people interested in the provisions of the German School Nairobi, for example.
    For registrations and ticket sales, please contact our secretary’s office.

    Range and use by adult clubs: Guidelines on the use of the DSN sports spaces
    Kosten fürZeitraumMitglieder DSN SchulvereinNicht-MitgliederAnmerkung
    Participants in clubsAnnually4.700 KSH5.600 KESStandard rate for the use of gym or mirror room plus any course fees to the trainer
    Participants in clubsBiannually2.900 KES2.900 KESStandard rate for the use of gym or mirror room plus any course fees to the trainer
    Club providerPer course hourFreeCost for 2 course hoursRoom rental for use of the premises
    Tennis Membership Fees 2021/2022

    Charges for use of tennis court by members of German School Society Nairobi. Regardless of the date of entry, the half-year/annual subscription is due.

    Fees for members of the DSN
    TarifGanzjährige MitgliedschaftHalbjährige Mitgliedschaft
    Erwachsene (pro Person)KES 15.000KES 9.000
    DSN StudentenFREEFREE
    Fees for non-members of the DSN
    Familientarif (für Eltern und zwei Kinder)KES 48.000KES 29.000
    Familientarif (für jedes weitere Kind)KES 9.000KES 5.000
    AdultsKES 39.000KES 24.000
    Kinder und Studenten unter 18 JahrenKES 27.000KES 16.000
    Andere Kosten
    gesonderte Gebühren
    Gutscheine für TennisKES 1.000 für eine Stunde Tennis
    Trainerwerden direkt bezahlt, die Gebühren sind an der Infotafel ersichtlich.

    Deutsche Schule Tennistrainer:
    Pius Okwach - Tel. 0721143750
    Peter Orwa - Tel. 0721344130
    Tony Ochieng - Tel. 0720770629
    Katarina Karanja - Tel. 0717782435
    Ernest Habiyambere - Tel. 0745961285

    Einzelheiten zur Zahlung:
    Mpesa-Paybill: 545446
    Account Nummer: Tennis

    Zutritt nur durch das Red Hill Gate mit einem gültigen Aufkleber.
    For registration and contacts:

    Competitions at the GSN

    Competitions at the GSN

    Searching, researching, presenting: in school competitions, children, young people, teaching staff and whole schools show what they can do. The range of competition themes is broad. From musical subjects to society and politics to STEM, there is a suitable contest for every inclination. If you decide to participate, you win in several ways; students and their teachers get a boost of motivation. The students of the GSN therefore regularly participate in numerous competitions.


    Sports Events and Competitions

    The German School Nairobi puts a lot of stock in sport. The competitions at the DSN have been put together in the area of skills, fitness, teamwork, discipline and possible awards. The students are highly motivated and exceptionally engaged. Sports competitions take place both in and out of school.

    Congratulations on the championship!

    December 15, 2021

    Kris Kris Bhanderi from class 10 was crowned Rotax Junior Max champion. We are of course super proud and congratulate warmly on this great achievement!

    DSN Charity run

    November 8, 2021

    Rain brings blessings?!Saturday, 30.10.2021: The running track is smoothed, the food stands are set up, the music system sounds the …

    DSN Charity run Read More »

    Save the Date!

    September 13, 2021

    On Saturday, 30.10. we will be holding a running event  to replace the cancelled Nairobi Marathon. It will be a …

    Save the Date! Read More »


    Work is still going on here ...


    Work is still going on here ...


    Work is still going on here ...


    School trips at the GSN

    School trips, hike days and excursions are an important component of our overall educational concept. They serve to promote social skills, develop personality, provide education in the areas of nature, the environment, technology and culture and to fortify sports activities.

    Students get the opportunity to have communal experiences as part of school trips, hike days and excursions, which strengthen the class’ cohesion and sense of community spirit.

    In the primary and mid-sections, school trips take place every 2 years. In the upper section, 2 trips are held. School years for which no school trip is planned go on 2-3 hike days or excursions per school year.

    Planned school trips:
    GradeEnglish hereDauerKosten
    1. Class---
    2. ClassSchool trip no. 1 with the challenge: going away from home / strengthening the class community.2 nightsmax. 10.000 KSh
    3. Class---
    4. ClassSchool trip no. 2: Integration of scholarship holders / strengthening the class community. Period 2nd semester, after the scholarship holders have been integrated into the class.2-3 nightsmax. 15.000 KSh
    5. Class---
    6. ClassSchool trip no. 3: Adventure and team building (e.g. Savage Wilderness or Blue Sky)4 daysmax. 15.000 Ksh
    7. Class---
    8. ClassMount Kenya trip: Going to your limit (drug prevention trip)5 daysmax. 45.000 Ksh
    9. Class---
    10. ClassBio-excursion3 daysmax. 15.000 KSh
    11. ClassStudy trip to Germany: Visiting the partner school in Höxter, finding out about universities / career planning / visiting cultural highlights.approx. 2 weeksapprox. 1000 €
    12. Class---

    Work is still going on here ...


    Work is still going on here ...

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