Welcome to the German School Nairobi!

We are glad that you have visited our website and that you are interested in our school. Our school is characterized by a very family-like structure in a beautiful environment.

Currently, we have about 125 kindergarten children and about 210 primary and secondary school students in the school where they play, have fun and learn.

Our school is located in the middle of a small, green oasis and we are proud to call such beautiful school grounds our own. Besides many beautiful buildings, we have an excellent sports field, tennis courts and a swimming pool that members of the school community love to use. In addition, we have a wonderful school garden, which is lovingly tended by our cafeteria team.

As head of administration, it is my pleasure to support the school's day-to-day operations with my entire team of about 50 employees. From the gardener to the electrician, painter, bus driver, cafeteria staff to the admin team, we start every day motivated to face new challenges in order to support our colleagues from the pedagogical section in the best possible way and to make everyday school life as pleasant as possible for teachers, students as well as parents and visitors.

Feel free to visit us and experience what we have to offer!

Manuela Baumann
Head of Administration

The administration team


Baumann, Manuela

Head of Administration

Consultation hour: Wednesday, 08:00am


Chege, Mercy



Chege, Vincent

Liaison Officer


Cichon, Alexandra



Denis, Adrian

IT Assistant


Gachanja, William

IT Manager


Gicura, Elizabeth



Kagoni, Night



Karuri, Joseph



Kiehling, Severin

Marketing manager


Kliem, Florian

Kitchen manager


Lumumba, Reinhard



Murage, Jeff

Deputy Head of Admin / Head of Finance


Muyodi, Patrick

Facility manager


Mwangi, Duncan



Njuguna, Elkana

Head of Transport

lisa 2

Odira, Lisa

Marketing Assistant


Sharma, Kav

HR manager


Windten, Nancy

Health officer



We would love to be able to welcome your child(ren) to the German School Nairobi!
We will be happy to show you our school grounds, give you all the necessary information in person and of course advise you at a distance by email.
Please direct all questions relating to registration to

Acceptance criteria for the kindergarten

Acceptance criteria for the GSN kindergarten

  1. In the DSN nursery, children between 18 months and 6 years can be accepted.
  2. There is a waiting list, which people can be added to after paying an administrative fee of 100 Euro for two years.
  3. If a nursery place is accepted, the administrative fee of 100 Euro is calculated towards the payment of the admission fee and the remaining payment is due.
  4. If you do not accept a place, the administrative fee for the waiting list (100 Euro) expires after two years and is not reimbursed. If you are interested, however, you can put yourself forward again in the .
  5. Being put on the waiting list still does not guarantee a place in the nursery.
  6. Places are granted at the end of every April, before the start of the new school year (school calendar here - link is not working) or when places become free during the ongoing school year in accordance with the following criteria:
    • Children of German origin
    • Children with at least one German-speaking parent
    • Children with siblings who are already students are the DSN
    • Children from non-German-speaking families, who are to be educated at the German School Nairobi primary school after becoming familiar with the German language
    • Children from non-German-speaking families
Acceptance criteria for the school

Work is still going on here ...


An overview of all fees

Our comprehensive educational provision requires a solid financial basis. The members of the school association bear the majority of the financial expenses by paying school fees. The Central Office for International School Matters of the Federal Administrative Office supports our school by sending international teaching staff, who are paid by the German state.

The costs of almost all the clubs in the afternoon and lunch in the cafeteria are included in the school fees. The use of the school buses and the purchase of school materials (work books/ atlases/ secondary school books of tables) are indicated separately on the invoice.

Registering for clubs and school bus transport is done for the whole school (nursery, primary school and secondary school section) before or at the start of the new school semester through a packaged online registration. The link for this is given to the parents by email.

For questions about registering for clubs and school bus transport during the ongoing school semester, please contact our head of administration by email.

Here you can find an overview of the whole fee structure of the German School Nairobi to print out:

 Fee structure 2022/2023

Fee reduction

There is an option for families with lots of children or low income households to apply for a school fee reduction (grades 1-12). Depending on the income and asset situation, the school fees are reduced accordingly. Please fill out the following Excel form for fee reduction electronically and send it to our head of administration.

 Application for School Fee Reduction

 Please provide us with your account details (if necessary)


Registration forms

We require the completed registration sheet - for the nursery or school - and the completed form on your child(ren)’s health situation for the registration.

For school children, we also require the last two certificates or school reports.

You can download all forms here:

 Kindergarten registration

 School registration

 Health form

 Deregistration form


Job DesignationApplication DeadlineContactCommentsDownload
Swim Language Not Needed.Download
Secondary School Teacher - Math and Language Needed.Download
Security OfficerStarts Language Needed.Download

School Shop

Dear parents, students and members of the school community,

The German School Nairobi is running an online school shop since 2020. Here you can find an array of high quality German Products ranging from: books, school supplies, stationery and school merchandise. You can find the shop at
Payment only via Mpesa!

School Opening January 2022

Dear students, parents and members of staff,

I would like to extend my warmest greetings to you all in the New Year, and wish you and you all the very best. May your resolutions, if any, be long-lasting, your plans come to a happy end and everything that happens in between be tackled by us together. Which brings me straight to the topic, because the letter is meant to remain concise, which is why I will spare myself a lot of details on improbability and its effects.

After a long deliberation, we decided today that the school will open on Monday (10.1.22), under certain conditions. We know that the new Corona variant is highly contagious, but on the other hand we know only too well what it means to close school and kindergarten. Therefore, we dare to do it, need everyone's support and discipline in doing so, and reserve the right to go into homeschooling if we can no longer control the infection. Attendance is mandatory, so students are not free to stay at home.

Measures towards the opening of the school in January 2022:

• All hygiene measures must be observed. Students who do not wear their masks properly will be admonished and sent home if they do so again (see appendix for regulations).

• Children and employees who show even one symptom of a cold, headache, tiredness, loss of appetite, night sweats and diarrhoea, please stay at home without fail and seek medical advice.

• We recommend that children are brought to school by private cars. Parents please remain seated in the car. The bus system will continue to run, but remains exposed to a high risk of contagion. Should you have to leave your car to pick up kindergarten children, for example, we ask that you wear FFP2 masks and leave the premises quickly.

• The mingling of classes will be lifted, and there will once again be separate break areas.

• Snack sales in the cafeteria will be temporarily discontinued and the parents' café will be closed.

• You will receive a separate letter at the end of the week on the work of the response team and the regulations on isolation and quarantine.

Whether our decision was the right one remains to be seen. The Kenyan government and the Association of International Schools do not foresee any school closures. However, we cannot offer daily or three-day testing as is done at schools in Germany. We shall act as our own health department, which hereby advises

all school members to be cautious and behave rationally and hopes that our decision can be supported by a large majority.
The sun is shining, the temperatures are summery. So there is reason for optimistic outlook and hope that the little the improbability will soon leave us.

Kindest Regards

Sibylle Seite Principal

Procedures for quarantine cases in a class as of 17.01.2022

In the event of quarantine, triggered by a positive classmate in a class or during bus transport, the following testing strategy will be followed from now on so that children, school teachers, kindergarten teachers and bus drivers can continue to come to school, kindergarten and work.

This approach represents a compromise between the risk of infection for those in contact and the disadvantages of not being able to attend school for 7 days. By using the rapid tests, we mitigate this risk, but we do not eliminate it.

Rapid tests cannot be compared with a PCR test in terms of reliability! Therefore, this testing strategy cannot replace the PCR test if you want to release your child from quarantine on the 7th day

Testing on the 7th day of quarantine is a legal requirement in Kenya as well as in Germany.

The regulation does not affect siblings, as they will not have been a first contact.
Children who have recovered from Covid in the last three months are exempt from testing. They will be llowed to attend school. Please send proof to the response team.

  • A daily negative rapid test must be submitted (until day 6 after the last contact to a positive case) and must show lack of any symptoms in order to be allowed to come to school.
  • These tests are offered free of charge by the school.
  • For this purpose, all children will receive a test kit in an envelope with your child's name on it, including instructions, to take home during the course of this week.
  • If your child is subject to quarantine , you wil l be notified by the Response Team.
  • If this is the case, please test your child, according to the instructions, the morning before school starts.
  • If the test is negative, please label the test kit with your child's name. The child will be allowed to continue using the bus but must show the test kit to the driver.
  • Your child will submit the test kit to the teacher at the first lesson.
  • In case of In case of a positive test result, please arrange for a PCR test. Until the result of the PCR test, your child and any siblings are not allowed to come to school.
  • If your child has symptoms that could indicate a possible Covid infection, a negative rapid test is not reliable enough, then a doctor's assessment is needed.
  • On the 7th day, a PCR test must be taken in the morning . The children stay at home and are given some tasks. Health insurance will pay for these tests in general. It is important to send the result to the Response Team immediately. The school will then send an official clearance.
  • Since the Medi Test center has been closed, PCR testing can be done at the Swiss Lab under GSN terms: SARS COV2 PCR testing KES 3,800/= per test
  • SARS COV2 antigen testing KES 2,000/= per test. The tests can also be taken at home. Familymembers and friends can be tested at t he same rates if Mrs. Sharma is informed beforehand.
  • Those who do not wish to have a PCR test taken on day 7 may continue to have rapid tests taken on day 8, 9 and 10 at their own expense. Q uarantine will then end on day 10 with a rapid test. On the 11th day, your child may therefore attend school without further measured , as long as he or she is symptom free.
  • All your questions will be collected, answered and shared with you in a Shared Document. We shall review and adjust our regulations on a weekly basis.

    With best regards on behalf of the Response Team

    Sibylle Seite

    Swiss Labs offer Home/ School/ Office Sample Collection, so please contact them as below, to arrange for the same:

    Aerodrome Road near Kenol Kobil petrol station along Nyayo National

    Stadium Office Line: +254 790 222 666
    Office Email:

    COVID Teststrategy at the DSN

    COVID Schaubild

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