Cissa, Good Luck!

Dear School Community, What is happiness? What do you mean when you wish good luck to someone who is leaving? What do we wish you, dear Cissa, who has decided to seek happiness elsewhere? A fulfilled life “is expressed in the joy of living and the deep sense of unreserved approval of life.” If that …

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05.01.22: Letter from the Principal

Dear students, parents and members of staff, I would like to extend my warmest greetings to you all in the New Year, and wish you and you all the very best. May your resolutions, if any, be long-lasting, your plans come to a happy end and everything that happens in between be tackled by us …

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The Afterlives novel

Dear School Community, Every year in autumn, the jury meets in Stockholm to announce who has made such outstanding achievements in various disciplines and who will be honored with the Nobel Prize for his or her work. This year, the prize for chemistry went to the German researcher Benjamin List, and the prize for physics …

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14.10.21: Letter from the Principal

Nairobi, 14.10.2021 Dear students, dear parents, dear staff members, Our school year follows strict intervals, with learning and vacation alternating at regular intervals. Some people think: Well, one ought to be a teacher. Yes, or even a student. As always, we have deserved the vacations. The first interval is behind us and the autumn vacations …

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20.8.20: Letter from the Principal

Nairobi, den 20.8.2020 Liebe Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klassen 6 bis 12, liebe Eltern, herzlich willkommen im neuen Schuljahr – zusammen nehmen wir jede Hürde! Lasst uns das neue Schuljahr sportlich angehen, als Team auftreten, wie bei den Bundesjugendspielen oder dem Schwimmfest einander anfeuern, mitfiebern, für einander einstehen. Wir als Kollegium haben versucht, die Bedingungen …

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2.10.20: Letter from the Principal

Nairobi, 2 October 2020 Perhaps, possibly, maybe, soon, shortly, probably, anytime soon, presumably, apparently, all things considered, likely… The series could be continued. There are many words to express something indefinite, to say that something is just not possible. My letters to you, dear parents, and to you, dear students, are marked by contingencies. I …

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