School Development

School Development

The school is subject to changes and must constantly develop and check what works or where there is potential for improvement. The focuses for the development are set by the school itself, but refer to internal and external evaluations. As well as the results of competence tests and examinations, the internal feedack includes regular satisfaction surveys of all those involved in the school community.

In a three-year cycle, the German School’s work is checked and evaluated by the Central Office for International School Matters in an interim inspection and a Federal States Inspection. In the years 2010 and 2016, the school was awarded the seal of approval “Excellent German International School”. But there is always more that can be done to ensure the steps of school development have met their overall goals in the school programme, which is made concrete in an action plan for a period of three years. To coordinate the implementation of this action plan, a school development group was founded in the 2019/20 school year.

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Interim inspection

Interim inspection 2019

In November 2019, the interim inspection was carried out by the regional officer of the Central Office for International Schools, Mr Peleikis. Among other things, it checks whether the German funds are being used properly. After the 2016 school inspection, an action plan was created, which establishes the focusses for work, which arose from the inspection for the next three years. The work carried out on these points is the basis for the summary written.

Mr Pelikis stayed at the school for three days, reviewed documents and lessons and had discussions with students, colleagues, parents, the board, the whole school management team and the headteacher.

The inspection dealt with the following points:

  • Promoting self-organised learning
  • Improving the quality of lessons
  • Improving the school infrastructure
  • Sustainability of school development
  • Increasing skills in the area of German

There is no great need for improvement in any of these areas, individual points need further work but most criteria are either partially or fully met. The latter applies especially to the improvement of the quality of lessons and the school infrastructure.

As well as the recommendations for further work, Mr Peleikis came to the following conclusion, which is a recognition of all of our work and a commendation we can be proud of: the discussions, lesson visits, observations and impressions over the course of the three-day interim inspection - from the viewpoint of the regional officer - show an overall engaged and successful job done by the school and proper use of the funds. The school’s continued eligibility for funds was granted. The discussions held show that the professional work of the headteacher and the board over the last two years has brought new life to the school.

You can find an overview of the results here:

  Results of inspection report 2019

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