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Sommerfest - It was a beautiful day!

Date 12/10/2016

On October, 8th our school opened its doors to host our annual Sommerfest. True to its name the day was very summerly. 

While the sun burned down on them, classes 11 and 12 put up the barbeque and the salad bar. Crates with sodas and water were stacked in the back of the tent. It was agreed that these two classes could keep their earnings to co-finance their trip to Germany and the Abitur graduation.


Quite a number of parents supplied us with yummy cake and snack donations. This way we were well equipped culinary wise.


Our class teachers and their students had a number of games and crafts in store ensuring the fun side of our fest.


Shortly after 2 p.m. our headmaster Mr. Busch together with our presenter Tim Redo welcomed parents, students, teachers and friends. This was also the start of our stage program with children from our extra curricular activities (Zumba, Gymnastics) and class 8 putting up great performances.


It was a beautiful day.

The organizational team would like to thank all involved for taking part in this event. Without all those parents who volunteered, our administration and staff of DSN as well as all the class teachers and their pupils this fest would not have been possible.

Thank you!!!!

With our raffle we were able to earn KSh 75,000.00 for a number of projects the school runs with our Kenyan partner schools. Without the great prizes from a number of companies and shops this would not have been possible. Thank you for your support.

Our Second-Hand Book Stall was a great success as well. We will be able to pass on KSh 40,500.00 to our school library. We are sure that a number of those books our chidren have wished for will soon enrich our library. A big thank you to all those who so willingly donated their books to make this possible.

Photo gallery with nice Sommerfest pics here.

Sandra Sallat

Parents Committee

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