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Career choice evening at German School Nairobi

Date 13/06/2017

On the evening of the 18th of May, students from classes 8 to 11 had the chance to have a sit down with people from careers, of different fields. This is an event that happens every year, and is something many students eagerly look forward to.

The variety of professions was wide, ranging from economists, lawyers, physiotherapists to hotel specialists and more.

The Hotel Specialist gave a detailed explanation of his profession, not leaving out the difficulties one might encounter. With his sharp wit and humor, he quickly became a student - favourite.

Like every other year, the army came ready with motivating words, with hopes of inspiring young boy and girls. On this occasion, they wore different uniforms and even brought pictures of their Air Force Operational missions.

The lawyers that came did an impressive job, explaining exactly how laborious studying law proves to be, but not forgetting to mention how fruitful the study is. With the help of anecdotes, the two young ladies sparked the interest of the students.

Herr Wendland, who is no stranger to the students, gave a very enlightening presentation on his occupation.

Mrs. Schoeneberg came as prepared as ever and was armed with brochures and all forms of educational information, not failing to answer a single question on business and economic studies.

The industrial manager, Mrs. Sallat, fascinated the young students with humorous tales of her profession. She too, was very informative and did her best to explain her career, which made her one of the favourites of the evening.

These were just a few of the many inspiring volunteers of the night, which was undoubtedly an effective. 

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Dörte Fixsen-Zahn

GSN Academic and Careers Advisor

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