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Date 19/01/2018

Talasio, Mbithe, Roni, Nicole, Julie and Ethan - these are our new scholarship students!

We are very happy to welcome six scholarship students to the German School!

Talasio, Mbithe, Roni, Nicole, Julie and Ethan have managed to get through an exciting and exhausting selection process of the best Kenyan students applying for a scholarship at the German School and can now look forward to a partial scholarship at the German School Nairobi!

On Thursday, 18 January 2018, the time had finally come and the 6 new students of the 4th grade had their first day at the GSN.

During a colorful enrolment celebration, the new students and their parents were greeted warmly by Mrs. Seite and welcomed by their Class 4 classmates with their own poems and a welcome song. After the Class 12 students Celine and Rachel talked about the difficulties, challenges and joys of the scholarship program of the GSN and Mrs. Kühne and Mrs. Bashir handed over their “Schultüte” to the new scholarship students, they went to the new classroom, full of expectations. In the coming months they will almost exclusively learn German at the school. However, along with the fourth grade, the scholarship students are also taught mathematics and sports, so that they can be fully integrated into the fifth grade in the coming school year.



We look forward to an exciting and challenging time with you and wish you a good and successful start at the GSN!

And here are some of the welcome poems of the students of the 4th class:


Welcome to our school,

Hope you find it cool.

Friends you will find,

But not only in your mind.

The food is very yummy,

And in our garden we have a bunny.

The breaks are very funny,

With a full tummy.

In our school, we have a pool,

Where you can swim

But we don’t have a gym.

In sports we run,

And we sweat in the sun.


Welcome to our school,

Have fun in the pool.

Run in the sports hall,

In your hand you have a soft ball.

Play on the playground,

With a laughing sound.

Bounce the ball into the net,

It’s very nice that we met.

Nice food on the plate,

We open up the gate.

Hit the tennis ball with the racket,

You get the school packet!

German, math,

Learn it fast

You start now,

We show you how!


Welcome, welcome don’t be shy,

Everything will be fine.

Now you are in the German School,

Hope you like it at the pool!

Our school is very big,

You are a part of it!

It is nice to have you here,

Come and join us over here!



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