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East African Model United Nations 2018

Date 07/03/2018

The German School Nairobi has going from strength to strength in the MUN programme. For several years now, students have been preparing excellent solutions to global issues, writing well thought-out speeches, debating and defending well during the conference, and winning awards for Best Resolutions and Best Speakers (at least 15 now!).

The recently concluded (19th – 23rd Feb) East African Model United Nations Conference at the United Nations Offices in Nairobi did not fail to disappoint either!

We are very proud to congratulate Wema Njonge and Pitya Ladu for winning Best Resolution Award in the Ecology Committee, and to Angela Kariuki and Luka Pavlovic for winning a Best Resolution in the Security Council Committee. Additional congratulations to Luka for being mentioned in an honourable capacity as excellent speaker in the Security Council, too. We were indeed very impressed with his sense of diplomacy and his general knowledge about issues currently affecting global security.

However, we are most proud to announce that thanks to Angela Kariuki, we have added another feather to the DSN MUN cap! One of our students has finally managed to achieve a position that has been evading us despite being actively involved in the programme for ten years now: Angela Kariuki, after gruelling training sessions and interviews, was selected to the Executive Committee 2018 / 2019.

2000 students participate in the MUN programme each year. Six make it to the position of member of the Executive Committee. This Committee is the primary group that organises and runs the MUN programme, including both the MS and EAMUN conferences. Angela holds the prestigious position of Co-Chair of the 2ndGeneral Assembly.

To say that we are proud of you, Angela, would be an understatement!
Shital Shah, Marcus Fanenbruck
MUN Co-ordinators

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