Class Concert

On Thursday, we had a classroom concert. Some children played African drums , some played the piano and some played the guitar. We had a lot of fun. We will never forget that day Anouk, Meena and Mauwa(class 3B)

Eskrima in Class 7

“Eskrima” means “fencing” in German. Eskrima” is a Filipino martial art that is usually practiced with weapons. Alexandra Cichon and Daniel Gluche gave the class 7 an insight into this sport during their physical education lessons. With short wooden sticks hand movements, attack strokes and defense techniques were practiced. In Eskrima, the weapon should become …

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Christmas card Competition Class 5 and 6

A pre-Christmas atmosphere was created in the art lessons of classes 5 and 6 while creating Christmas pictures. Many pupils tried to find motifs to illustrate especially the Kenyan Christmas. The most successful results are shown here in the Newsletter and every other day published as Advent calendar picture via Instagram. The “Christmas giraffe” by …

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