Happy Summer Holidays!

Dear school community,

Last night, in search of inspiration for this text, I read poems, familiar and unfamiliar, about saying goodbye, giving thanks, summer. The texts about saying goodbye are, how could it be otherwise, often sad, those about giving thanks mostly cheesy and those about summer very European. But it is always a balancing act to write something in the newsletter that suits everyone.

Richard Dehmel (1863-1920) – Summer Evening


Clear air rests on the widespread meads;

The far off waters steam as osiers flicker

With the sun enfeebled in the bed of reeds

Whilst pale clouds redden and begin to shimmer.


The sound of bells carries over the meadows,

Dew escapes from the warm earth scented,

In the tranquil wood, fall twilight shadows

As the shepherd gathers his flock contented.


Not a blade stirring in new rye calm

And bells, now silent, from the world depart;

Only the crickets still scrape their Psalm;

And so, with all this peace, be glad, my heart!


So why Richard Dehmel now? Probably because of the description of a rather Central European situation that almost triggers a little homesickness – a summer evening such as many have already experienced. For me, such an evening is very closely associated with summer holidays, with long, bright evenings, with wide views of familiar landscapes. Wherever you are, enjoy the summer, the holidays, the vacation. We all need a little rest.

However, the decisive factor for the selection was the last verse of the poem, the invitation: „And so, with all this peace, be glad, my heart!“ The somehow maudlin mood of the poem is broken here, showing that the lyrical I must remind itself to enjoy this idyll. Now be happy!

Accept it, leave the thoughts behind you, it seems to say. And that’s what I wish for all of us as well: to let the soul dangle after a strenuous school year that held many challenges in store. To fill your head with other thoughts, to leave your worries behind, including those about what may come in the next school year. We did quite well.

Dear students, thank you for your perseverance, for dealing with all the imponderables, for your effort and the mostly unbroken joy of learning.

Dear parents, thank you for your patience, for your trust in the work of the colleagues, your support and the wonderful cake as a thank you.

Dear Board Members, thank you for your voluntary work for the good of the school, your support for additional staff, your help in difficult situations.

Dear staff in school and kindergarten, thank you for your concern for the learners, your care, your paving the way, your great commitment.

Dear staff, thank you for a wonderful, clean learning environment, safe transport, charged I-pads, delicious food, a beautiful yearbook and much more.

Wishing everyone restful, peaceful, summer moments and looking forward to seeing you again in August.

Sibylle Seite

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