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Warm Invitation School Service - Sunday - 20.06.21 10:30 a.m. - Cafeteria of the German School Nairobi.   At the...

The Art Exhibition – 2021!

Works of art often last forever or nearly so. Gallery exhibitions, appear much like blooming and beautiful flowers - a...

Project Day – Class 5

Today, class 5 dedicated themselves to 2 tasks. On the one hand, we took another look at the garden furniture...

Recycling Theme in the Kindergarten

Dear School Community, Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Countlessly we are taught and reminded to care for our environment and think outside...
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Newsflash from the board: Activities May 2021

Newsflash from the board: Activities May 2021

Many thanks to all parents and members who participated in our virtual general meeting on May 27th 2021 via ZOOM....

Eskrima in Class 7

"Eskrima" means "fencing" in German. Eskrima" is a Filipino martial art that is usually practiced with weapons. Alexandra Cichon and...
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