Thank you dinner by Class 8!

Dear School Community,

On the evening of May 17, our school’s cafeteria was filled with the wonderful aromas of a three-course menu prepared with love and appreciation. In a heartwarming gesture of gratitude, Grade 8 students prepared an exceptional dinner for their parents. What are we grateful for? For their support, for pushing us out of our comfort zone, for making so much possible for us, for always wanting the best for us, for being there for us. We don’t say that to our parents very often. That’s why we thought we’d show our gratitude in other ways.

Over the past few months, we have sold waffles and lemonade and collected over 75,000 KES. Together with chef Peter Bartsch, we thought about the menu and what ingredients we needed. He then helped us prepare it, together with Morena Bassan, who showed us how to make pasta ourselves.

The result? Fresh garden salad with breaded feta cheese, homemade tagliatelle with roast chicken in sage and white wine sauce, fruit salad with homemade ice cream on a warm brownie … But above all, an unforgettable evening that turned our work in the kitchen into a wonderful family celebration. 

Cheryl Kariuki
grade 8

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