We are founding a student company!

Dear school community, Today we are delighted to introduce you to our company “Campus Cocktails” – a brand new non-alcoholic bar that will open at the St. Martin’s celebration and offer unforgettable taste experiences! Our vision is to create a meeting place where students, teachers, parents, and all members of our school community can enjoy delicious non-alcoholic drinks in a cozy atmosphere. What can you expect at Campus Cocktails? 1. virgin lemon mojito: a refreshing classic! 2. mystery drinks: Be surprised by our mysterious selection of mystery drinks. Every sip is an adventure for the palate! 3. iced tea: On a warm day, there’s nothing better than a refreshing iced tea. 4. children’s punch: Our children’s punch is the ideal companion for the little ones in our community. It’s sweet, fruity and makes children’s eyes light up! These are the outstanding minds behind the refreshing drinks: Kiama and Sampa – the managing directors with a flair for visionary leadership! Layla, Joseph, Vera, Falk, Ameen, and Louis – the Campus Ambassadors are the face of Campus Cocktails. Passionate about serving you the best drinks! Stay fresh! Your Campus Cocktail Company (Atelier “We are founding a student company”)
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