Candle Light – Workshop 

The last workshop of this school year took place on 25.05.2024 as part of the Candle Light project with the Starkid School. Organic chemistry was the focus of this workshop.

A total of fifteen students from grades 12 (form 4) and 11 (form 3) and the chemistry teacher, Mr. Kariuki, were picked up as usual by a school bus from our school at the Starkid School at 7.30 am.

Members of our kitchen team also had a workshop (Barrista), so we did not start with breakfast as usual, but with a short theoretical input on ester formation and the importance of esters. The repeated knowledge was then illustrated with the help of the molecular construction kits.

At 9.00 a.m., however, there was a hearty breakfast, which enabled a fresh start to the workshop. They happily set about making various esters and testing their smell. The aromas ranged from rum, pear, apple, pineapple and pear.

In the second practical part, the students made soaps with different fragrances and colors. They were actively and expertly supported by Shanize (Year 11) and William (Year 12). However, the soaps can only be sent to Starkid School at a later date, as they have to harden first.

The workshop ended with a joint lunch in the cafeteria. The Kenyan lunch was very popular with the students.

At 1.40 pm we went back to Starkid School.

My thanks go to Shanize, William, the transport team and the cafeteria team for their great support.

Dr. Marion Lange

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