Carlo Friedl visits the GSN

Yesterday we had a surprise visit from DSN’s Alumnus Carlo Friedl and his father Bruno were back in Kenya after many years and during this visit the two former DSN members naturally wanted to see what had changed at the school.

Carlo attended the DSN kindergarten and pre-school between 1988 and 1993 and still has fond memories of his time in Kenya. According to his father Bruno, Carlo was the first child with a disability at DSN, which was a new experience for everyone involved. “The initial reluctance quickly turned into an extremely positive experience,” says Bruno today, “Carlo was never allowed to miss a birthday party, before the date was postponed.”

Bruno also raved about a group of parents who met every Wednesday to play soccer on the school grounds. In addition to the weekly games, the soccer friends also organized a big tournament every year and went on safari together. Unfortunately, the family will no longer be in Nairobi next week, as they would not have missed the 1st Goalmeister Gathering otherwise.

Severin J. Kiehling
Marketing Manager

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