Class 6 goes on Class trip to Rapids Camp

A very excited Class 6 left for Rapids Camp, Sagana on Wednesday 17th January. The moment they had been waiting for months had finally arrived. Approximately two hours later, we arrived at the camp, to be greeted by fantastic views of the river, where we would carry out several activities over the next few days. After unpacking and checking out the accommodation for the next two nights, we were introduced to Eric, our main guide. An hour later, after a lot of information on how to keep safe, the children were already in the water, in the so-called, in the so-called “gecko boats”. This was just the start of a three day class trip, packed with activities. After lunch, we proceeded on a long walk around the area, where we learnt more about the River Sagana, more about the source of the river, Mount Kenya and traditions of the people native to the area. And finally, what we had all been waiting for: free time! A huge football field allowed the boys to enjoy a few games before dinner, which was followed by roasting marshmallows in the fire and playing hide and seek in the dark! Needless to say everyone slept well that night! After a quick breakfast the next morning, it was time for an entire morning of rafting, followed by zip-lining over the river in the afternoon! There are no words to describe these adventures, the pictures say it all! Our guides, still full of energy, decided this was not enough action and dragged us on another walk in the evening! More hide and seek followed dinner, and reluctantly, after being told several times, the students went to their tents. A few games (with magical views of Mt Kenya) followed the next morning after breakfast, and much too soon, it was time to head back to Nairobi. The students were so impressed with the camp staff and the guides, they decided to give them all the money we had collected from the Christmas Concert as a token of their appreciation. We were indeed proud of the students for this kind gesture! S. Shah & M. Mossmann Class Teachers, Class 6
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