DSN Debating Team wins at USIU

A new form of debating made us a little nervous, excited, and perhaps even a little anxious. Nevertheless, on October 29th at the Oxbridge Debate at the UCIU, we once again really cleaned up. As a DSN team, we won the Junior Main Cup, second place in the Senior Gold Cup, first place in the Senior Silver Cup, and a number of speaker prizes.

The thrill of finding out just before you find out whether your motion has gone down well or not, or whether you get the speaking slot you want, is worth all the preparation that goes into taking part in such debates.

The British Parliament (BP) format, which was new to our team, opened up new perspectives on debating, but preparing for social, economic, and technological issues also broadened our knowledge of topics that you don’t hear about at school or in social interaction.

We are already looking forward to the next competition!

Debate club

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