Excursion to the Snake Park

On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, Class 5 went on a field trip to the Snake Park at the National Museum in Nairobi as part of their biology lessons.

This was part of the current topic in biology lessons. This is about the adaptation of vertebrates to their habitat. In particular, we looked at the adaptation of reptiles to their habitat.

We took the school bus to the museum at 9.40 am. After completing the formalities, the pupils were divided into two groups, with each group having a guide. They showed and explained many different snakes that are native to Kenya with a great deal of expertise. The absolute favorite among the students was the black mamba, whose venom affects the nerves and leads to death in a very short time in those affected.

After the very informative tour, those students who wanted to were able to hold a snake and have it put around their neck.

Holding a baby crocodile and various chameleons were also a highlight of the visit and will certainly be remembered by the students for a long time to come.

We arrived back at school in time for lunch. All in all, it was an eventful morning.

Dr. Marion Lange
Biology teacher

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