German News Journalist visits Class 4

Class 4 is currently reading an exciting book in which two committed pupils from a school newspaper can prevent a forest from having to make way for a shopping center with the help of a real journalist. Reason enough to take a closer look at the profession of journalism and invite Heiner Hoffmann, foreign correspondent for Der Spiegel, into the classroom!

‘When the journalist came through the door, we were all very excited.’

‘I thought it was cool that a journalist not only asks questions and writes, but also rides a motorbike and swims when he has to travel.’

‘We all sat in suspense as the journalist told us such cool stories.’

‘He told us so many things about politics and other difficulties and now I want to become a journalist too.’

‘I thought it was nice that a journalist answered so many questions.

‘The stories were great, interesting and exciting. I thought it was great that he came to visit.’

‘He was very nice and told us where he had been and what he had done.’

‘The most interesting story for me personally was that he was once in Congo and was writing about the war when suddenly there was a shooting.’

‘I thought it was great that we saw a real journalist.’

‘I thought it was funny that the articles had to be checked so often, but interesting that he had been in a gold mine before.’

‘I thought it was weird that as a journalist you sometimes can’t sleep for 48 hours because of all the work.’

‘I thought it was good that he had so much patience and took time for us.’

‘I liked the fact that he was able to answer all our questions.’

‘I liked the fact that he didn’t get annoyed with all our questions.’

Class 4 with Mrs Menzi and Mrs Edler

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