German School Nairobi Shines at African Open Schools Debate Championships in Dar es Salaam

Dear School Community, In a testament to their debating skills, three teams from the German School Nairobi flew to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to participate in the highly competitive African Open Schools Debate Championships. Leonarda, Umaiza, Ameen (Year 9), Marlene, Luka (year 10), Berachah (year 11), Natasha, Luca, Alexa and William (year 12) faced approximately 1000 students from Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa. Experiencing temperatures around 40 degrees all debaters proved themselves in at least 7 rounds of debate in 3 days. The junior team emerged as the glorious winners of the Junior Cup. Facing stiff competition, the two senior teams reached to quarter- and the semi-finals and ended up third and fifth in the overall ranking. All debaters left a major mark with high individual rankings. Alexander Braun and William Kim showcased their debating skills by receiving the first and second senior speaker positions. Beyond the rigors of debate, the trip was great fun for everyone. The students not only competed in the debate competition but also had some time to enjoy the beach in Dar es Salaam. The great competition and all the fun made the trip an unforgettable experience for the German School Nairobi’s debate teams. Ameen Stein Class 9
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