Happiness and Well-being for All!

There are more bacteria and organisms in 1 gram of soil than there are people on earth. Our goal in class 8 is “happiness and well-being for all”. If the soil is doing well, then we can all do well, as Prof. Frank Rasche made clear to us on Wednesday. After all, healthy soil can not only produce enough food for everyone, but also help to reduce poverty and create more equal opportunities for all. Mr. Rasche works for CGIAR, the world’s largest agricultural innovation network. Experts from over 89 countries work together there and one of the research centers is also here in Nairobi. Together they are working on major challenges. One goal, for example, is to end world hunger. But conditions are becoming increasingly difficult. The population is currently growing and the soil is becoming increasingly infertile. This makes it all the more important that we protect the soil and make good use of food. You may have noticed that we are currently measuring how much food is thrown away in the cafeteria and why you throw food away. Perhaps we can contribute here too.

  1. without healthy soil, life on earth would not be possible.
  2. soil is not just dirt.
  3. we need to talk more about this topic.

So it’s best to inform all your friends and family. Hektor Stein Grade 8

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