Mount Kenya, here we come! 

Dear School Community

last Friday, Class 8 completed their final “training” for the upcoming Mount Kenya trip. They first walked past the American Embassy and the UN to Karura Forest. In the forest, the class hiked past the waterfall, caves and impressive trees on the 10 km circular route without any problems.

On the way back to school, there was a short stop at the pizzeria in Gigiri Court Yard and then they finally enjoyed the ice cream promised by Mr. Isenbeck. Although at first it seemed as if some were exhausted from the hike, a basketball game started immediately at the school – pizza and ice cream seem to have provided sufficient recovery… Normally the tents would have been pitched by now.

Fortunately, however, an overnight stay in the sports hall and mirror room was planned. Because while the documentary “Dear Future Children” was shown open air in the green inner courtyard, a terrific thunderstorm started, turning the movie into a 4D experience… After the completely rainy ascent to Elephant Hill and the thundery end to this evening, we are curious to see what kind of weather awaits us on Mt. Kenya. Anyway, Mt. Kenya, here we come!

Dr. Vorein

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