Parkour with Talal Cockar

Parkour, an athletic pursuit with an emphasis on efficiency, challenges practitioners to navigate the direct path from point A to point B. Participants elegantly conquer every obstacle in their trajectory. Balancing, executing precise jumps onto, over, or through various elements, and overcoming walls are all integral to the discipline. It was Raymond and David Belle who conceived this captivating sport. Many people may be familiar with the opening scene from “Casino Royale” or other films that have made the sport popular worldwide. The best-known techniques were practiced in the sports hall in Year 9 PE lessons. On Tuesday, the grade 9 “traceurs” refines their craft under the expert guidance of Talal Cockar, who brings a wealth of experience to the outdoor training sessions. Outdoors, the basketball court transformed into a playground of creativity, with steps, benches, and railings serving as obstacles for their artful movements. Talal Cockar, a committed “traceur” for a remarkable 15 years, offers an “Art of Movement” class for adults every Thursday from 8-9 am. If you would like to try it out, please contact him directly: 0797 995 265. Dr. Vorein Teacher
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