Presenting well – but how?

This school semester, four Year 7 students took on this task in their studio on Monday mornings in the first and second periods. A particular challenge for the students was the new format of the subject presentation, which is new for all Year 7 students. Of course, something has to be presented everywhere and in almost all later life situations. This is not the only reason why it is important to deal with presentation techniques, the right research, the selection of information and, of course, the actual presentation to an audience. The particular challenge in a specialist presentation is to find a critical question and answer it in the presentation. Finding a suitable question is not always easy. The four of them rose to this challenge. The good thing was that they were able to work on their own presentation straight away and then give it in class. This of course saves a lot of time that would otherwise have to be invested at home. The students also realized how they could improve their presentation. Of course, qualified feedback from their peers helped here. We wish Elsie, Klara, Maya and Wendo every success with their presentations in biology, physics and religion. Dr. Marion Lange Teacher
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