The Scooter Course for Class 1

Julius: „ It was good and fun. It was the first time that I’ve done a scooter course.”

Eddie: „ I thought it was great. Stopping was more difficult.”

Amaal: „ That was good. I thought it was great that nobody fell off.“

Anja: ” I thought it was fun. And it was funny that many children didn’t stop at the stop sign.”

Isabella: „ I thought it was great. It was difficult to stop.”

Isabel: „ It was great that I could borrow Amaal’s helmet and scooter. I thought it was good.”

Antoine: „ Riding the scooter was great. It was fun.”

Jora: „ Everything was great and good.”

Tijana: „ It was fun. Stopping was not so easy.”

Paul: „ It was good.”

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