Welcome Danika Zapp!

Hello and siku njema!

My name is Danika Zapp. I’m 23 years old and I’m studying for a Master’s degree in primary school teaching with the subjects German, math, subject teaching and Protestant religious education.

I will be staying at the DSN for four months, from February to June, as an intern. During my studies, I was able to gain experience in teaching and working with children in numerous internships. But as you never stop learning in this respect, I am really looking forward to all the new impressions and methods that I can gather and learn here.

I like to be creative in my free time. I particularly enjoy painting and sewing. I also enjoy going to the gym and practicing yoga.

I am really looking forward to working with the DSN team and I’m motivated to get involved with joy and commitment!

Kila la heri
Danika Zapp

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