Collecting garbage at the DSN

Dear School Community

Protecting the environment is an issue of global importance and should be emphasized to us young people in particular as early as possible. We take this to heart at the DSN, as our waste collection project on February 15 showed. Year 8 is currently taking part in a project that focuses on “happiness and well-being for all”. As part of our participation, part of the class has focused specifically on recycling and litter picking at the DSN, and has come up with the idea to pick up litter at the DSN and on the surrounding streets on February 15 and September 20 each year. The 9th and 1st/2nd grades work together and get involved in our environment. Yesterday this campaign took place for the first time, and it was a complete success. Ms. Menzi, Mr. Kessel and Mr. Vorein, who is the 8th-grade teacher for the whole project, went out with the two classes and collected garbage. We started at the Main Gate and then worked our way down towards the Red Hill Gate. We didn’t quite make it there in just under an hour and a half, but the surrounding streets of the DSN are now much cleaner.

Although we found some weird items such as whole car tires, shoes, Chamaeleon skulls and advertisements for new apartments in Runda, most of the garbage was plastic packaging, as well as cardboard and glass bottles. Both the little ones and the older ones had fun taking care of our environment, and when we returned to school at the end with over 8 full garbage bags, we were rewarded with ice cream from the cafeteria. In the coming years, we hope to have experts from various organizations such as WFF or Greenpeace come to our school on these days and say something about the topic. Within the next few weeks, a fundraising run will also take place to set up an e-waste container at the DSN in cooperation with the WEEE Center. As you can see from this campaign, the DSN is working bit by bit to make the world a better place. Aimée Burchard and Liya Kühnl Class 8

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