Lantern run for St. Martin

On Friday, 10.11.23 in the evening, many colorful, handmade lanterns could be seen again. The children from the kindergarten and primary school created a sea of lights for St. Martin.

There was a great play, presented by class 4, who created a beautiful theater image for Saint Martin. The St. Martin really did come on his very special horse with a magnificent horsemane! A reminder of this special day that brings the whole school community closer together and brings to the fore sharing and charity.

The rehearsed St. Martin’s songs were sung melodiously and after the lantern walk, everyone was able to warm up around a bonfire.

Of course, the culinary side was not neglected this year either and this special evening atmosphere could be enjoyed with delicious food and drinks. Every primary school and kindergarten child was able to enjoy a baked gingerbread man!

Heike Czech
Primary school teacher

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