School play day for Preschool Children

Can you play school? This question can be answered by 28 preschoolers with an affirmative.

On Tuesday, 12.03.2024, and Wednesday, 13.03.2024, the preschoolers showed how well they could already find their way around primary school topics by first having an interesting conversation with Simba the lion and also memorizing and repeating the saying he brought with him. Throwing number dice and recognizing them as well as naming the predecessors and successors was of course also possible.

Not only colorful, self-painted balloons were used to decorate the school picture, dominoes were also arranged, syllables of pictures were sounded out by clapping and rhymes recited. Once again, everyone involved had a lot of fun and the preschool children were able to choose a colorful badge at the end which showed how great they were at playing school.

Heike Czech Primary School Teacher

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